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use ILOVEASTRON for 5% OFF (excluding Class B items)
use ILOVEASTRON for 5% discount (excluding Class B items)
How to choose the right radio for you!

How to choose the right radio for you!

You’d think that choosing a radio would be easy (after all, all of them can play AM/FM), but actually there are many kinds at different price points.

The good thing is, Astron has a whole lot of them na #MuraNaMaaasahanPa! 

Let me take you through my favorites to help you make the right decision (trust me, I’ve spent hours taking pics and testing each one to get the product details right on Lazada & Shopee 😂)

(1) If you’re looking for a BASIC FUSS-FREE RADIO…

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Then the ULTRA radio is for you! At just SRP P349, if radyo na may AM/FM na may strong signal and loud sound ang hanap mo, eto na yun. 

It doesn’t have a USB/TF card slot, Bluetooth, or flashlight, but who needs those if you just want to listen to your favorite AM show or FM channel, right?

The Ultra radio is also not only battery operated (same as the big ones you use for flashlights), but can be charged through electricity, too.

While it’s NOT rechargeable, it’s a great deal for its price and function 👌🏻

(2) If you’re looking for a basic radio with FLASHLIGHT…

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Then the GALAXY radio (SRP P429) is for you! Its functionality is the same as the ULTRA radio, but it comes with a built-in mini FLASHLIGHT perfect for brownouts and emergencies!

It also has a convenient handle and has an earphone jack if you want to listen privately to your favorite tunes.

(3) If you’re looking for a PREMIUM radio…

Black: Add to cart now on Lazada or Shopee | Red: Lazada / Shopee

Then the MASTER radio (SRP P749) is for you! While more expensive than the other radio models, it’s worth it because it has:

  • Bluetooth (radio na, speaker pa! Play your favorite tunes from your phone/laptop)
  • Rechargeable battery (no need to spend for single-use batteries! Investment ‘yan)
  • USB and TF card ports

Overall, it has a more sturdy build vs the ULTRA AND GALAXY and has a cool retro design.

It’s available in black and bright red, so take your pick!

(4) If you’re looking for a #TeamKahoy aesthetic radio…

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Then you’re gonna love the VINTAGE (SRP P675 personally, it’s my fav).

With its wooden design, gold buttons, and woven details, the Vintage radio is definitely #HomeBuddies worthy. I mean…just take a look!

Aside from Bluetooth, USB/TF card ports, and being rechargeable, it also has a SOLAR PANEL so you can also opt to charge it via the sun. Perfect for brownouts and emergencies!

It also has an AUX cord if you want to save on battery but still want to play music from your phone/laptop :)

(5) If you’re looking for a #TeamKahoy radio with FLASHLIGHT…

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If you like the VINTAGE radio but you’re looking for a more affordable option, then the SOUL (SRP P675) is for you!

Design-wise, it's more practical than the Vintage with silver buttons instead of gold, and black mesh instead of woven material, but it still gives off that #TeamKahoy feel.

While it doesn’t have an AUX cord, it more than makes up for it with its huge built-in flashlight! 

Coupled with its solar panel, the SOUL radio is definitely a stylish way to be prepared for emergencies.


The best part? All of these radios came with 6 months warranty in hundreds of service centers nationwide. Kahit affordable, maaasahan diba? 

I hope that this radio guide is helpful to you! Check them out on Lazada and Shopee :)

They’re also available *instore at Home Along, FC Home Center, and hundreds of dealers nationwide. Message us your location on Facebook for more details.  *price and availability may vary

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