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use ILOVEASTRON for 5% OFF (excluding Class B items)
use ILOVEASTRON for 5% discount (excluding Class B items)

Our Story

Astron is a local family-run home appliance brand that has been providing Filipinos with quality and affordable appliances since 2008. With over 150+ PS-certified products na #MuraNaMaaasahanPa and 100+ service centers nationwide, Team Astron strives to take care of every Filipino by being a one-stop shop for home appliance essentials that they can count on.

Before delving into the appliance industry, the company began as a fabric & zipper distributor headed by Tomas and his brother, simple men with big dreams. However, when the Divisoria market burned down in 1971 severely crippling their business, the brothers took their experience and jumped into electronics. 

With just 1 van, 1 driver, 1 technician, and 2 of Tomas’ sons as part of their team, the brothers set out to work in sourcing and distributing radios, phonographs, and other audio equipment. They endured long hours on the road traveling to provinces all over the Philippines, pitching to mom-and-pop stores in local palengkes, taking orders, and even delivering the goods themselves.

Thanks to their hard work, perseverance, and a bit of luck, the family was able to find success and further expanded their product range to home applianceshelping 3,000+ dealer-partners and employees learn the ropes of the business and grow with them as well.

In 2008, Tomas along with his 9 children decided to establish Astron, a home appliance brand of their own that was affordable AND dependable...something they would have liked to have growing up in a humble home.

Born out of grit, Astron was created to make everyday life more convenient for the everyday Filipino. After all, quality home appliances should not come at such a huge cost, and time saved should definitely be spent with loved ones — #AlagangAstron 💙

Currently, Astron continues to serve Filipinos under the leadership of Tomas’ sons and their children. Most recently, they have expanded their efforts to online channels to help Filipinos shop for their home appliances essentials safely during the pandemic.

Moving forward, Astron hopes to empower Filipinos and continue to be THE home appliance brand they can count on 🥰